An intergalactic odyssey

The fight against Andross can take Team Star Fox on multiple paths to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

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Hub of Galactic Peace Corneria

The temperate world of Corneria is known as the jewel of the Lylat System and is the center of government, culture, and politics. Your adventure begins here.

Branching Paths Gameplay Screenshot

Branching Paths

Based on your actions, you may discover new paths or plot developments during a mission. The right course of action could even lead to a tougher mission…good luck!

Combat Zone Sector α

Sector α (alpha) is one of three mysterious zones of space in the Lylat System where luminous space dust has formed a nebula that appears in the shape of a giant letter. You'll be tasked with providing backup on the frontlines of an epic space battle, where you'll get your first chance to use the new Arwing Walker mode.

Space Colony Area 3

A sector of space that is home to a large mobile space colony where Gigarilla, an immense combat vehicle, is being held. You'll need to retrieve and protect the Gigarilla from an invading Star Wolf team, lead by the traitorous Pigma.

Unlock Challenges Gameplay Screenshot

Unlock bigger challenges

Beat the game to take on more challenging content.

Occupied Planet Zoness

A former Cornerian base now occupied by Andross. Your mission is to pilot the nimble Gyrowing past the shields and infiltrate the enemy base.

Last line of defense Sector Beta

Sector Beta is one of three strange nebulae located in the Lylat System and is the last line of defense against Andross's army. Do you have what it takes to defeat the mammoth Dreadnaught Tactical Destroyer?

Paths to Victory Gameplay Screenshot

The paths to victory

Whether you're following a fixed path or flying freely in All-Range Mode, you'll need to master a variety of different vehicles and styles to complete your missions.

Barren Planet Titania

Titania is known as the "Red Planet" due to the huge ion storms that swirl dust from the surface of the planet into its stratosphere. Use the Landmaster to battle the Subterranean Scrapworm and rescue Peppy.

Silent Zone Sector y

Another great cloud of space dust has formed, this one in the shape of the letter Y. In Sector y (gamma) you'll need to take on a barrage of giant missiles and defend the Great Fox against a horde of robotic pests.

Go For Gold Gameplay Screenshot

Medal detector

You can find hidden Medals in missions by fulfilling a variety of objectives. If you collect enough Medals, something good might happen!

Frozen Planet Fichina

Fichina, an icy and desolate world, is home to only a few members of the Cornerian Defense Force and a team of scientists. Use the upgraded Landmaster to take down Andross's mammoth Mega Drone Mother Strider.

Primordial Planet Fortuna

Fortuna, the fifth planet of the Lylat System, is a hot and humid rainforest planet teeming with plant life…and possibly enemy hideouts!

The battle continues

This is the end of your journey—jump into your Arwing and discover more mysterious locations on your quest to stop Andross!