those bots!

Gun down waves of fast-paced attacking robots via hi-tech wall-mounted cameras in the fun and frantic new Star Fox Guard game.

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StarFox Guard
StarFox Guard
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Defend the tower!

Grippy Toad has hired you to guard the tower at the center of each Corneria Precious Metal Ltd. base from enemy robots. Can you keep the base safe and keep your job?

Grippy Toad
President of Corneria
Precious Metals Ltd.

AegisCam security system

The AegisCam security system is a state-of-the-art defense program designed by Slippy Toad, a member of the legendary Star Fox team. Watch 12 live video feeds, then activate the camera-mounted laser guns by tapping on your Wii U GamePad controller and pressing any button to blast intruders.

To complete your mission, you'll need to clear the area of all Combat Bots.


Each AegisCam security system comes fully equipped with its own Re:bot unit, a frog-like robot that cleans up debris from downed enemies and converts it into precious metals you can use to upgrade your defense.

Earn new gear

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more powerful equipment. Defending a facility gets increasingly more challenging, so place your new gear in key locations.

Lock-on cam

Lock-On Cam

A special cam that locks on to multiple targets at once. Handy against groups and sturdy bots.

Lock-on cam
Freeze cam

Freeze Cam

Freezes bots, making them vulnerable to other cams. Fliers hate this one!

Freeze cam
Slow cam

Slow Cam

Slows down time temporarily. Useful against fast enemies.

Slow cam


Big Guns

Know your enemy

There are two types of enemy bots to watch out for:
Combat Class and Chaos Class.

Combat class bots

Stronger bots programmed to attack the tower.

Combat bots

A.T.K Unit

When it's shot, this bot's top half detaches and becomes lighter and faster.



This bot uses a sturdy shield to protect itself and any bots behind it from head-on attacks.

Cloak R


A particularly evasive bot that sneaks in with others and doesn't show up on radar.



An incredibly strong and durable bot with very thick skin.

Chaos Class Bots

Bots designed to interfere with a base's defenses.

Hi Ho


This bot is pretty weak, but if it gets to the tower it'll explode and damage nearby cams.



A fast and sturdy bot that likes to steal AegisCams.



This trickster runs fake footage on cams in order to help other bots sneak by unseen.



This troublemaker disrupts cams with radio interference, rendering them inert.

Unleash your own army of base-wrecking bots

Once you've cleared all of Corneria's main missions, you can create your own squads of robots and challenge other Star Fox Guard players online.

Use the Wii U GamePad controller to select bot types and give them instructions on where and when to enter the facility. Perfect your timing to keep players on their toes.

Take on challengers

Raise your battle rating by building challenging maps or defeating squads in maps created by other players.

Get the game

Star Fox Guard is included for free on a second disc that comes packaged with the retail version of Star Fox Zero. You can also buy it as a separate purchase digitally.

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